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242                            LETTERS   FROM   THE

Walter Boyd and Mr. Ker are packed off with
every species of emigrants. Barth6lemy is on
his way to God knows where. I am extremely
hurried by the number of letters my prisoners
write to me, in dread of the cartel not being rati-
fied, and their being left without pay or clothes.
On the 4th, by a particular arrete, a commis-
sioner was sent here to offer me the release of Sir
Sidney Smith, if I would sign their proposals
conditionally. This I did directly, as it was no
binding engagement. However, the great events
of that very day have probably engrossed the
thoughts of the Government too much to get this
matter finished, and I wait with impatience for
further communication. The Admiralty has stopped
the cartel, and forbidden the release of any more
French prisoners, because it has received infor-
mation, I know not from whom, that the British
prisoners had been taken out of the cartel ships
at Nantes, and that Major Hull and another
officer, though provided with passports and their
baggage on board, had been disembarked and
thrown into close confinement. Now, it happens
that I this day received a letter from Major Hull,

in consequence of which the Director Barth61emy, the De-
puties Barb6, Marbois, Trongon, Ducoudray, Ramel, Carnot
and others, were condemned to transportation to Cayenne.